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Pulse#272 | Schacke, Sansibar, Kobold, Alessandro Baroncini

23 Marzo @ 22:30 - 24 Marzo @ 1:30

Saturday 23 March 2024

Lineup in order of exhibition:
Alessandro Baroncini
Sansibar live

15€ till midnight
18€ after midnight

Set starts at 22:30
No pre-sale, come early

ACSI members only
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Multiple strains of techno intertwine in a night for the ages. A resounding combo between Schacke, eclectic pioneer of Copenaghen techno sound, and Sansibar, who carves out a transcendental hardware live set. Rising talent Alessandro Baroncini warms up the floor and Bologna’s night hero Kobold leads it to an epic closure.

Sacred Interface / Mama Told Ya
Based in Copenhagen, the half Danish half South Korean musician Schacke has been producing sounds of a large variety of different styles since their early teens, constantly expanding and evolving their universe through a variety of different aliases and releases on labels such as Kulør, Mama Told Ya, KAOS, Instruments Of Discipline and Intrepid Skin.
As one of the original members of the Fast Forward collective, Schacke has played a significant role in shaping the Copenhagen techno sound, which they helped pioneer with their first two techno records on Ectotherm. In 2022 they launched Sacred Interface, a label focusing on high-quality techno and trance from the local scene.
Schacke draws inspiration from a wide range of different genres, using techno as a template to explore and make genre-bending fusions. With the combination of hard-hitting beats, rolling baselines, catchy leads and euro vocals, their tracks are always bound together with precise execution of delicately layered textures, making Schacke’s techno distinctly recognizable yet strangely unpredictable.

Kalahari Oyster Cult / Avoidance
Hailing from Helsinki but based in Berlin, Sansibar is a nonpareil cosmic producer, resident DJ at Kaiku and Post Bar and one of today’s most intriguing talents in the European scene.
His releases for the likes of Avoidance, Émotsiya, Darknet and Natural Sciences showcase a multiverse of textures and rhythms that bridge a skull-busting mix of electro, techno, house, jungle and new beat towards downtempo sound expansions and lucid visions, soaked in thick shrouds of daze and euphoria.
Multiplying strains and angles of approach, Sansibar’s music harnesses hi-impact programming and psychoactive flights, spacious divagations and oblique riff fractals, drum-charged salvos and ample weatherbeaten tapestries. “Sans Galore”, his second LP for Kalahari Oyster Cult, definitely attests to that hot hand he has for carving out intricate, transcendental hardware gems.

Suburban Avenue / Angels Gun Club
Console oriented from a young age, Kobold’s goal has always been to make you move. He takes inspiration from a wide range of electronic music experiences, a sensed predisposition to the ’80s new wave the and the new ways of techno and EBM, without sparing the essential soul of the roots of house.
Since 2013 he owns, produces and projects Timeshift Bologna, founded sided by a wide and still hot staff, a project developing the large size of electronic music in all its ranges.

Materica / Melifera
Venice-based DJ and producer Alessandro Baroncini taps into a broad array of influences, spanning from ambient and leftfield electronic music to hypnotic beats and complex textures.
With contributions to releases by Melifera and Materica Records, he showcases an extensive spectrum of sounds, ranging from lush atmospheres and manipulated field recordings to mind-bending, pulsating rhythms. He’s also been hosted on the podcast series of Caananite Records, Decadance Amsterdam and the home-based platform


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23 Marzo @ 22:30
24 Marzo @ 1:30
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